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I'm currently undertaking an experiment... in that I'm finding out if I can spend 4 months overseas, working remotely back to the UK. I have had to go back to the UK for one week to cat-sit, but *fingers crossed* it's been 6 weeks so far and is going ok. (No, Fate, I'm not tempting you.)

So, where is home at the moment? Find out under here! )

Well, that's my day mostly done... Now off to have dinner and watch the Poland-Portugal game. (It'd be nice if Poland won, but I suspect they'll be going home. That said, what I really want is an Iceland-Portugal final and for Iceland to win. Mainly because of the reaction from the draw in the group stage. :D )
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I have recently purchased a OnePlus Two, and have today been sent 3 UK invites to pass on. Any takers? (First come first served amongst friends. Comments are screened so leave your email address as a comment, or drop me an email directly if you have my address.)

Update: No invites Left
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Have been using my Cineworld card pretty often, and have managed to see 24 films in the last 2 months.

They're all under here. )
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Haven't posted in a while, but I'm still reading...

What happened last year? Well, my job finished... I no longer own a house... and I became single. Also; had shingles, and my da had a heart attack, all within the space of 6 months or so.
All told, last year wasn't much fun, but things have picked up a little bit now. (Da's recovered, I'm back in London, I've become my own boss, and am mostly over the events of last year.)

At this moment though, I am enjoying a holiday by The Black Sea )

I'm back to work on Monday, so will be making the best of the remaining days. I might well come back for another visit if I can afford it later in the year.
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That's some strange visual processing right there... I can just about make it stop by concentrating, but my brain doesn't like it at all. :)
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How can this only just be surfacing? It has been known for at least 8 years that Barracuda appliances have backdoors, and I personally verified it with the unit I used to run quite a while ago.


As for blocking ssh; although my knowledge is admittedly out of date (thanks mostly to finding out about the backdoor all those years ago, and subsequently avoiding Barracuda completely) the ssh access on my unit ran on the SMTP port with custom NAT entries for IPs at Barracuda Central. If the unit is acting as the public spam filter, as I'd expect it to be, then Port 25 is going to open to all.

In other news; I'm writing a rather large entry about my Christmas/New Year went that should be posted reasonably soon. Hopefully it won't be out of date by the time it appears. :)


Nov. 27th, 2012 09:13 am
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Unexpected email from Amazon... The latest Dresden files book has been posted! Will be here tomorrow!

Is it tomorrow yet? Is it tomorrow yet is it tomorrow yet?
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As a Minecraft player I'm very amused by




Sep. 14th, 2012 12:15 pm
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I'm not a Merkin (or Canuckian) so events over the other side of the pond are largely irrelevant to my life in a "direct effect" way, but I do try to keep half an ear out for what goes on over there and occasionally will discover something that makes me shake my head in disbelief/laugh out loud with joy/be impressed at something. (delete as applicable, or "as inapplicable" to be accurate.)

This one made me shake my head... A Maryland State Delegate (and apparently a Baltimore Ravens fan) sent a letter to the owner of the Ravens when one of their players, Brendon Ayanbadejo, spoke out in favour of gay marriage

Link to Delegate's letter.

Letter content below cut, for those who don't want to open a link. )

But Chris Kluwe, a player for the Minnesota Vikings, took exception to the Delegate's letter and sent an open letter to deadspin.com as a response. I was impressed, to say the least...

Link to Open Letter Response.

Text under here again... )

Always nice to see sportsmen showing their intelligence, and bigots and idjits being shown up...
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I spent the Bank Holiday weekend attending the 7ath Discworld Convention, where much fun was had by all. Well, hopefully all... I certainly had fun and would like to thank the Committee for their hard work and outstanding efforts in making the occasion so great.

Whilst at the Convention I attended a few events, but as is usual for me I mainly caught up with old friends again - most of whom I hadn't met in two years (since the previous Convention) and all of whom I was glad to see once more. I also made a few new friends; Silmé, Susie Q, Emma (aka [livejournal.com profile] hearthand), Tom and Tom ("from Belgium" and "McSweeney" in no particular order), Rachel, Probably Rachel, and Chornoi. I hope you were all amused by the "disasters from my youth" tales told at various times, and I look forward to seeing you all again!

I also may have helped out with Watch Duty at Sator Square a little bit... OK, fine, I admit it! I was on duty long enough to get clamped for exceeding the time limit for parking, and all except two of the new friends were met whilst they were there helping on Watch...

Other highlights of the weekend were being told by Eoin that Giovanni Trapattoni was in the lobby, then subsequently embarrassing him a little by making his wish for a picture with the manager of the national team happen, and also having a very interesting conversation with Colin Smythe regarding things of an occult nature. :)

I got back home at about 1am this morning and planned to post this earlier as I was supposed to be on leave today, but as things turned out I was awoken from my much needed lay-in just after 11 by a call from work. A client had serious problems with their email server, which is my particular area of expertise, so my day was spent remotely recovering and repairing the client server instead of resting and relaxing so that my back would feel better. Seriously, it's not funny when trying to lay down and breathe at the same time results in constant spasms of pain. I did something to it about 10 days ago and it's only just starting to get back to normal. Thankfully, however, last night I was at last able to manage both by using my left side, so I should be able to get some better quality sleep tonight.

Speaking of sleep, I think I can hear my bed calling...
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The following WSF/VBScript was written for Nagios/NRPE, and queries Windows WMI and makes a Software Version Check with optional validation against minimum version, with a mismatch allowance.

The things I do to improve my Nagios Server. I had to learn VBScript for this... )
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Another Final for Cardiff! :D

Hopefully my team will join yours. :)


Dec. 19th, 2011 01:26 pm
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Replacement laptop acquired for acceptable sums of monies. (Exactly the same model for 15% of the cost of mine when I bought it new... Given I tend to go 5 years per machine that is about right for the age, and hopefully I'll even make it last another 2 years)

And best of all... I am now on Annual Leave until the 9th January! *does the happy dance of "no work for me for three weeks"*
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Today my laptop bit the big one. Video card is kaput. Perfect timing, right before christmas. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. :(

It's had a very good life though, over 4 years, but I really didn't want to have to spend monies replacing it for another 12 months or so. Boooooo!

So now I am trying and find a replacement. Short term if it's cheap enough, or long-term if I can find an awesome bargain. (It will be a Pavilion again, as I have had good experiences with them.)
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Before I get into this, I'd just like to list a few games that sit on my shelf. BattleChess, Warcraft/Warcraft II/Warcraft III (with expansions), Diablo/Diablo II+LOD, StarCraft,

I've enjoyed playing these quite a lot. Games like this are what moulded my gameplay preferences. Now, on with the spittle-filled rant!

I've been looking forward to Diablo III for some time, given that I played through the previous incarnations a hell of a lot, and the trailers and teasers I saw of Diablo III looked very nice.
But I've just seen that they decided to make it an online-only game, if you want to play you connect to their servers. Well, to be honest, bollocks to that. Fuck you Blizzard! Fuck you very much. I am a solo gamer for the most part. I play offline, on my own, and like it that way. In fact you were instrumental in creating that preference.

But your new approach is disastrous in relation to a few points that you just don't seem to care about. I'll mention them without a shred of expectation that you'll start caring, because to be honest most other companies don't give a fuck so why should you be any different. In fact, an interview with a higher-up in your company pretty much implies you don't care.

A) I don't want to rely on having a working internet connection in order to play a single player game! Needing such a thing is one of the most stupid decisions I've ever seen.

B) If my connection drops for any reason, I can't play the fucking thing. If I'm in the middle of playing it, I get kicked. I then have to redo everything since my last save all over again.

In regards to the above two points; I work with a lot of ISPs for my job. You wouldn't believe the amount of minor dropouts the average ADSL connection gets, and occasionally there are less minor ones. Then there's time when traffic congestion causes problems. (Live TV events like Wimbledon, or the World Cup, the Euros for example.)

C) I can spend anywhere between 10-20 hours a month going places by train, and I tend to pass the time by playing games on my laptop. Ever tried to use the internet on a train doing over 100MPH? It's pretty much fucking useless for the most part! Like you!

D) Specific to Diablo III. Apparently I won't be able to pause the game! How fucking brain dead is that? Not pausing a multi-player game, yeah I can see that, but like I said above I'm a solo gamer. If my phone rings I want to be able to pause my single player game! to talk to the person calling me. If someone knocks on my door, I want the same ability. If I decide to take a break for any reason whatsoever I don't want to have to keep playing until the next checkpoint.
Also, on top of no pausing, I can't just find a hidey hole and stand there because I'll get disconnected. There's not a facepalm picture big enough to show just how dumb those two things are.

Yet another company who've decided that the long awaited sequel to their incredibly popular game didn't need to appeal to the range of fans that made the predecessors so popular in the first place. That plus the general attitude means I'll likely be adding Blizzard to the List of Shame alongside Valve, and Ubisoft. It may even go on the "Don't even bother looking any more" list alongside SouthPeak/TopWare after their Two Worlds fiasco.
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From http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-15074298

The peer also cited the current example of off peak fares, saying that "because of very lax negotiation on the part of the government, off peak is defined as only about five hours a day" and train companies were trying to reduce that further.

"Off peak" restrictions are one of the biggest annoyances I know for when I want to go back up north after being in London for a weekday. I either pay £200+ for a ticket, or I don't get home until 9pm at the earliest, even if I manage to finish early at 3pm. It's a load of fucking bollocks at the moment, if you ask me, and they want to reduce it even more? Bunch of greedy monopolistic wankers the lot of them.


Aug. 31st, 2011 10:55 am
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OK, I'll admit it... Even as a jaded (and hidebound) writer of html in a text-editor, I'm impressed by that tool. Pretty powerful, very easy to use, and creates very clean html. If only "proper software" was as good.
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