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That's such a horrible thing to happen. But my first thought when seeing the phrase "financial settlement" was along the lines of "I hope she ring-fences 50% in case she gets married, has kids, and then splits up..."

(and yes, I know the man in that second article is apparently a good example of "Him, Really? Shame..." The thing about the legal system is it doesn't care. That case can be used to provide decision guidance on future cases, which might not be so karmic.)
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Have only beaten it five times so far, although I did manage it on my first try.


Jul. 23rd, 2011 07:15 pm
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Didn't expect *that*!

*goes to re-read book*
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I have to say, I prefer the cover designs of the previous (UK) books.

But I shall enjoy reading it nonetheless.

*goes to start reading*
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Damn, this is shiny... a "+5 phone of Oooooooooh!"

The Good: The Whizzy McSpeed of Zoom! The very impressive screen. The large amounts of storage. The very nice camera. The bearable lightness of being very light. The "Active Applications" option.

The Bad: The Kies software that Samsung use to get it to talk to a PC over USB. This stuff needs .net to run, which is so not happening on my Laptop. Also, have yet to work out how to make more of my secondary Gmail calendars show up. (If I need to show them in Gmail to make them appear on the phone I'll be very annoyed. I only show them on my Gmail when I need to refer to them. I'd like to be able to do that on my phone too...)

The Ugly: The case. Actually the case design is mostly quite nice in and of itself, it's just the material that's been used - aside from the Gorilla Glass obviously. Very much a step down from the usual materials high-end phones use.

Thankfully, in regards to Kies, this isn't that much of a downer. There's actually an inbuilt program on the S II called "Kies Air" which is brilliant. It's a web-based interface that can be used over a wireless connection. It needs java to do multi-uploads and the like, which is also not going on my laptop, but is perfectly fine if you are only uploading the odd file. I foresee that I will be using this to manage my phone from now on.
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I was pondering a card upgrade due to an acquaintance having a GTX 460 card available for sale... Checking into the compatibility threw up the following info which I'll note here in case anyone on my f-list is pondering one of these cards. (or any 4xx/5xx card.)

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For all the Pratchett-fandom who read my friends list, there's an auction going on for a good cause (Foresthouse's new eyes) that has an item that might interests some of you.

New Worlds SF magazine, #156, from November 1965.

Reason it might interest collectors of Things Pratchett?
It contains "Night Dweller", the second ever publication by Pterry.


Note: Auction ends on the 15th January.

Membership is moderated as there was a problem with Russian porn spam. (I forgot.) If you want to post, just request membership mentioning Foresthouse's eyes.
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Rarely do I swear on here, but this one deserves it.

Just tried updating my Messenger to the latest version.

I am now going to swear mightily so if people are of a sensitive disposition, or object to certain swearwords, then I suggest you skip this entry. )
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Google Calendars have a fundamental flaw in how they function. A *really* fundamental flaw. I mean, if one of the engineering team here created a system with such a serious flaw they'd be laughed at for the rest of their days.

The flaw? Well, it's a combination of things...

1. No mass delete.

If I want to purge events older than a certain date, they have to be deleted individually.

2. Deleting an item is classed as "editing" an item if you do it via a sync.

This is the crux of the flaw. It all revolves around this bit.

3. An edit limit

You can only edit so many items within a certain period. If you hit the limit, you can't create new events for anywhere up to a week.

The unbelievably stupid flaw.

You have a very full set of Calendars that you want to clean up.

After you decide to clean out old stuff, which you aren't going to do via the web-interface because (thanks to Point 1) it takes hundreds if not thousands upon thousands of clicks, you start removing old stuff in 3rd party software like Thunderbird/iCal/etc.This then syncs the calendar and removes the items. However thanks to Point 2 this is classed as editing an item. If you fall foul of Point 3 you then can't add items to your calendar (actually *any* of your calendars) until your account has been reviewed which takes anywhere up to a week.

Seriously Google, that right there is a brain-free zone in your design. You have a system design that will inherently push any user wanting to make mass deletes along a path that means they may well end up not being able to add events for a week. As the old phrase goes, "A week is a long time in Politics..." In the case of a day to day calendar, a week is seven times longer than it needs to be.

I said point 2 was the crux of the flaw, and that is true because if deletes weren't an edit then the problem would cease to exist. But Point 1 is actually a flaw in its own right and is right up there in the "major fuckup" list for Google calendars. Every other calendaring app I use has a self-contained ability to purge events en-masse. People have been asking for such an ability in Google calendars for *years* and yet it still isn't in there. If the web-interface had that ability then I wouldn't *need" to sync and hit Point 2, and that would save me from point 3. (I hope, unless the "a delete is an edit" is inherent in the design. If that's the case I think that point 3 is even more stupid than point 1 and only highlights the need to have an inbuilt delete function, because then you could track when it is used and exempt such deletes from Point 3.)

But the end result of the flaw is that I cannot add to my calendars for a week or so. Maybe more, I'll note how long it is until I can add items.

Thanks Google.
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The A-Team "Triple Play" Release (Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital) has a problem in that a batch of codes are rejected by iTunes/Windows Media.

http://support.foxdigitalcopy.com/uk/a-team/Default.aspx can help

(For my reference, and possibly to help other people.)
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In the words of Rolf Harris, "Can you tell what it is yet?"
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I'm not sure the reaction that was expected of this was "d'awwww..."



Oct. 14th, 2010 08:35 pm
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Muse are an awesome band as far as I am concerned. They are probably the second best band I've seen live, a pleasure I had recently at Wembley for the penultimate night of their UK tour, and love to perform live for TV shows/etc. However, ask them to be on your show playing along to a recorded track and they get a bit less enthusiastic.

One of the best examples of them "pissing about" can be seen here... Comedy Gold if you are aware of how various instruments should be played, and are also aware that the lead vocalist in the video is actually the bassist, the bassist is really the drummer, and the guy playing the drums is Lead Guitar/Vocals. (If you speak Italian you'll even get a bit of a bonus from the interview.)

Every time I watch this I can't help but laugh, especially at Matt Bellamy and his drumming style. :D

Also, none of Muse's songs contain explicit lyrics that would require censoring on the radio... So it's not a good idea to ask them not to swear...
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I like collecting one each of special design tender, and one each of these is going to be a smidge under £15. (Luckily I collect them from change, so I don't have to actually get them all at once. :) )
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I don't normally do the whole 'x has died' thing, but Mr Cannell you were responsible for so many things I loved to watch that for you I am making an exception. Hearing that you are no longer with us has put a bit of a downer on my day. :(

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