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Haven't posted in a while, but I'm still reading...

What happened last year? Well, my job finished... I no longer own a house... and I became single. Also; had shingles, and my da had a heart attack, all within the space of 6 months or so.
All told, last year wasn't much fun, but things have picked up a little bit now. (Da's recovered, I'm back in London, I've become my own boss, and am mostly over the events of last year.)

At this moment though, I am enjoying a holiday by The Black Sea - specifically in Nessebar, Bulgaria. There's been a couple of work-related calls, but I haven't (yet) had to cut my holiday short so that's nice.

I've never been here before, but I have to say it's fantastic. I've been here for a week or so, and the weather has been glorious for the most part, with the added bonus the sea is warm enough to comfortably swim in. (25C-ish, and 16C-ish respectively.) It's also not the peak season yet so the beach has space to relax without being sardined, and the water is very clear. I've found some good places to eat, have a lovely shoreline to explore, can walk to "Sunny Beach" for my sun/sea fix (which is recognised as having a superb micro-climate), and have generally had a relaxing time.

The view from the shore looks like this;

The view across the beach/coast from the stairs to the restaurant looks like this;

Sunsets have mostly been like this; (or cloud-free.)

I'm back to work on Monday, so will be making the best of the remaining days. I might well come back for another visit if I can afford it later in the year.
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